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Edson Gas Storage


Edson Gas Storage, located 32 km (20 miles) northwest of Edson, Alta., holds 50 bcf (billion cubic feet) of natural gas.

A “depleted underground reservoir” facility, gas is stored in what was originally a naturally occurring gas reservoir.

For families who rely on Alberta natural gas for cooking and home heating, the facility ensures that a sustainable supply is always available, even during cold snaps when usage peaks.

Unregulated Gas Storage
Strategically located on the NGTL System
In service since 2006
Working gas capacity of 50 Bcf

Documents and maps

Edson Gas Storage is conveniently located on the NGTL Pipeline System.


Ways to reach us

If you have any questions about the Project, please reach out to us via the contact information below. 

Edson Gas Storage

Edson Gas Storage (TC Energy)
450 - 1 St. SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 5H1

Jamie Hodel, Site Manager


1-800-661-3805 Toll-Free (North America)

Emergency Response
Our commitment to the safety of our people, pipelines and facilities is unwavering, visit our Contact page for our complete list of emergency numbers.
Media Relations
TC Energy welcomes enquiries from media. Please direct questions to:
1-800-608-7859 Toll-free (North America)
Investor Relations
We welcome inquiries from analysts, shareholders and prospective shareholders at: 
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