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Oct 1 2018

Reaping the rewards of a quality internship

Posted by TransCanada
Madison Heeg - Quality Assurance Intern, Houston

Photo credit: Brigid Mulligan

Madison Heeg, a sophomore in electrical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, recently worked as a quality assurance intern in our Houston office. She gained valuable work experience, broadened her knowledge of the industry, and developed strong connections and friendships.


Nerves, new skills and networking

Madison admits that during her first day as a student at TransCanada, she was intimidated, nervous and uncertain about what her role would be. However, that quickly changed. “When I walked through the lobby, met other students and went through an orientation, my fears were gone,” says Madison.  She immediately felt like she was part of a great team - a team that would have her back and engage her in real, meaningful work. “The culture was really great too. My managers were really welcoming, and everyone was really committed to making sure I had the resources I needed to succeed.”


Getting a feel for the culture

It was really great to be surrounded by smart, supportive people, but Madison was keen to dig into some meaningful work. Madison appreciated the learning opportunities that came with being a quality assurance intern. “I was tasked with consolidating welding data to capture the quality of the welds and identify gaps in project development practices,” she says. “The work I was doing was really valuable. I reformatted and recoded critical spreadsheets, which helped streamline data for projects. And I made recommendations to standardize the collection process, which helps with TransCanada’s current and future work.” Madison was able to work with people in the field and office and play a proactive role in the project team. Beyond the culture and skills, Madison also had the chance to expand her knowledge of the oil and gas industry.


The path forward

Now back in school, Madison is able to reflect on her internship and start to imagine the kind of career she wants.  She was part of a collaborative team that empowered her, answered all of her questions, and ensured she could truly reap all of the rewards of the internship. “I have an open invitation to lunch with my team from TransCanada whenever I’m back in Houston,” says Madison, who values the friendships and connections she made. She now knows what it’s like to work with a company that puts people and safety first - and that’s definitely the path she wants to be on.


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