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Mar 30 2022

Engineering a gender shift in Mexico

Posted by TC Energy

Engineering a gender shift in Mexico

Selene Cázares is a successful example of how women in Mexico are forging their future and expanding horizons in career paths predominantly filled by men.

Historically, Science, Technology, Engineering and, Mathematics (STEM) have not been a focus for women in Mexico, with just three in 10 students choosing to study STEM. And a closer look shows engineering has the fewest women in the top-10 professional careers in Mexico.

What I would recommend to all professional women is to keep going no matter what obstacles lie ahead. Doors continue to open for future generations, and it's heading to a more inclusive environment.”

Selene Cázares
Environment Technology Engineer

Overall, one in four (24 per cent) energy sector jobs were filled by women in 2020, and fewer than 10 per cent of those were leadership positions. At TC Energía, we have been successfully building a more diverse team, with women filling 35 per cent of our Mexico careers in 2021.

Meet Selene

Selene, an Environment Technology Engineer, says her growth in nine years at TC Energía is an example of how the company is taking the proper steps toward fostering an open and equitable environment. Inclusion and diversity policies have helped her overcome challenges facing women in the energy sector, helping her achieve equality in engineering.

For the past three years, Selene has forged a fulfilling role as an Emergency Care Coordinator, responsible for the centralized management and development of emergency management programs, including regulatory compliance, initiative management, performance metrics and training.

“What I like most about my job is working with people and interacting with different business areas such as operations, government relations, community affairs and regulatory entities as they all play an important role in emergency management,” explains Selene, who ensures all members of our Mexico emergency response team are fully prepared.

“Additionally, I feel proud to see annual work plans completed, knowing that the company met its objectives and I was part of that,” notes Selene. She also implements field emergency response exercises with local community groups and external agencies.

Selene’s story is one of many examples of opportunities for women at TC Energía in Mexico.

Selene was honoured with the TC Energy Terry Dick Emergency Management Award of Excellence as a Legacy Preparedness Recipient for her continuous efforts in implementing ideas and best practices that enhance the culture of emergency readiness while raising awareness for incident response.

TC Energy Terry Dick Emergency Management Award of Excellence