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Nov 17 2021

TC Energy wins Global Pipeline Award

Posted by TC Energy

Photo taken pre-COVID 19

Maintaining the safety and integrity of our assets is one of our most important commitments to our employees and the communities in which we work and operate. With over $1 billion invested in pipeline system integrity each year, our proactive approach to preventive maintenance has pivoted thanks to the Plausible Profiles Corrosion Assessment Model, developed by our Innovation & Decision Optimization (IDO) team.

The industry-advancing Psqr (pronounced P-Square) model has been recognized with the prestigious Global Pipeline Award (GPA), for outstanding advances in innovation and technology related to pipeline transportation within the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Pipeline Systems Division.

This is not the first time the model has received industry kudos – last year, the model was awarded a Canadian Energy Pipeline Association award in the category of Quality and Innovation. It has also received a TC Energy CEO Safety Award and many other nominations for best paper and innovation.

The Psqr Model challenges conventional thinking in modelling and removes unnecessary actions that do not reduce risk – leading to transformational value. This represents the first industry-wide corrosion modelling update in 30 years. The model provides a data driven and more accurate probabilistic representation of corrosion features in pipelines that was not operationally feasible before the data revolution.

This allows for us to make better decisions when it comes to preventative maintenance, integrity digs and other integrity activities, resulting in fewer ground disturbances, with added safety and environmental benefits.


Annual costs are rising as we drive towards Net Zero and diversifying our energy portfolio to support our sustainability and GHG reduction targets. We have a great opportunity in the data revolution, modern computational power and new technology space. Understanding these challenges, opportunities and the high sensitivity of integrity actions to decision models, we pivoted to a revolutionary way of improving pipeline integrity decisions – something that was not possible 30 years ago.”

Shahani Kariyawasam
Director of Innovation and Decision Optimization.

The IDO team began developing the Psqr Model in 2014 and have since completed extensive validation and industry vetting through Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI).

“Psqr is like using a laser rather than an axe,” says Shahani Kariyawasam, Director of Innovation and Decision Optimization. “The proposed referenced standards for use industry-wide have incorporated Psqr. Doing the right work, not more work, brings safety and sustainability.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s GPA finalists for continuing to advance and challenge our industry to become thought-leaders and innovative thinkers. After all, today’s quality is tomorrow’s safety.