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Sep 22 2021

Innovation | Our new core value

Posted by TC Energy

Innovation Value=

TC Energy has a storied history of innovation – one that continues to evolve. Our people’s innovative spirit radiates across our business – it’s part of how we work and it’s at the heart of our continued success.

In January, we kicked off a conversation about adding innovation to our core values. It was an important step to take together, and as a team, we shaped our new value to reflect who we are and where we are headed. We’ve defined Innovation at TC Energy as: 

Do things differently – turn challenge into opportunity and ideas into creative solutions

Innovation starts with our people.

“Innovation is just a word, unless we’re all taking action,” shares François, President & CEO. “I want our people to think differently – that’s what’s needed to achieve our vision. For me, innovation in action is challenging my own thinking and striving for a continuous improvement mindset because I want to be the best I can be.”

While an innovative mindset comes naturally for many, we’ll all be challenged to elevate our thinking to live our new value daily. We’re encouraging our people to:

  • Challenge assumptions; always ask ‘why?’ 
  • Be curious; create and anticipate change 
  • Encourage ideas; make it safe to bring ideas forward – it’s okay to fail, and it’s also okay to succeed

Failure is an important part of innovation. It’s what allows us to learn, and from it, we iterate, adapt and generate new ideas. Success is equally important, and while it can lead to change which may be scary, our success is what will drive us forward, enabling us to deliver the energy of the future.”

François Poirier
President & CEO

TC Energy’s journey to succeed in the energy transition is just getting started. We’re focused on the possibilities not the constraints as we innovate together for a more sustainable future. We’re embracing the unknown and thinking big.