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May 13 2020

#WellnessWednesday — How we can practice empathy

Posted by TC Energy


It’s no question that we are all living a very different reality. Everyone has a unique connection and varying level of impact caused by this pandemic and may be having a harder time adjusting or navigating these trying times.

For essential workers, going out into this uncertain world can heighten anxiety. For those working from home, adjusting to a new routine can be exhausting. Perhaps someone you work with has had a family member affected by the virus. The truth is, we never truly know what people are going through unless we check in and see how they are doing. 

It’s up to all of us to ensure our community connections remain strong and taking an interest in our coworkers and loved ones continues to be part of our daily routine.

Tips for practicing empathy

To help us navigate these challenging times, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Be mindful of those not working from home. Consider those who are still working and keeping all our essential services going, particularly TC Energy employees. Our control centre, office and project teams play a critical role to ensuring we can deliver safe and reliable energy. If you have the opportunity to extend your gratitude to our people and any other essential service workers, please do so.
  • Acknowledge different experiences.It can be easy, particularly during stressful times to disregards someone else’s experiences, just simply because it is different to ours. For example, a parent working from home may view a single person working from home as having an easier time, although this person may be experiencing anxiety through self-isolation. 
  • Consider everyone’s circumstances. For example, those looking after their elderly relatives, loved ones with special needs, or those with families in other locations. Things we can do to support each other include:

    • Listening intently to understand how someone else may be feeling.
    • Considering ways to keep your community connections.
    • Practicing gratitude by extending a helping hand.
    • Being kind with yourself, we all may experience ups and downs during this time.
    • Donating through your Empower giving account to COVID-19 relief efforts or other causes that matter to you.

  • Give genuine recognition. In our new remote work environment, it can be easy to feel isolated or uncertain on how we’re doing without a feedback loop or the ability to see body language of our colleagues. If you have the opportunity to check in with a co-worker or show appreciation for something they’ve done well, that recognition could be just what they needed to keep them motivated and feeling like they’re adding value day-to-day. 

  • Stock up on compassion. Everyone will have varying levels of fear and anxiety that will manifest in different ways. Perhaps a co-worker is more on edge than usual or behaving in a way that is not typical for them. This is likely a response to their feelings and how they’re dealing with their surrounding environment. Try to be patient and think about how that person usually is and not who they seem to be in this moment.

Share your wellness tips!

By now, we’ve all likely cycled through an entire spectrum of emotion and found different ways to cheer ourselves up or help others who are struggling. If you’ve got a tip or nice reminder of how we can practice empathy, please tell us on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #WellnessWednesday.