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May 6 2020

#WellnessWednesday – How to keep a healthy mind

Posted by TC Energy


When we think about safety and health, the first thing that comes to mind is our physical well-being, but our mental health is equally as important. Just like our bodies need exercise and a good diet to remain strong, our minds need stimulation and rest to stay healthy and alert.

This is true under any circumstances but right now, as the world faces a global pandemic and we’re exposed to heightened levels of uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we pay attention to our mental health and be aware of how it can impact other areas of our life.

In particular, we need to consider how our mental health can impact our safety. Whether you’re working on the front lines or from home, an increase in stress and anxiety has the potential to distract us, which in turn can impact our safety. It is important to be aware of these diversions and look for ways to mitigate these feelings so we can help each other stay safe.

Tips for maintaining a healthy mind

To support you through these challenging times, consider these tips to help you keep a healthy mind and in turn, keep yourself safe.

  • Physical Time. When we move our bodies, we strengthen the brain in many ways. The simple act of moving activates a large percentage of the brain, having a positive impact on cognitive functions and increasing the capacity to enhance learning capabilities and memory.

  • Sleep Time. When we give the brain the rest it needs, we recover from the experiences of the day. A good night sleep contributes to improving our memory function, enhances creativity and emotional regulation. A brief nap is also effective to improve cognition and general performance.

  • Connecting Time. When we connect with other people, in person or virtually, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the world around us, we begin to experience the emotional support of others which will start to reduce the negative effects of stress on our health.

  • Down Time. When we take the time to let our mind wander or simply relax, we help the brain recharge. This could be time between work or leisure activities allowing the brain to sort out different elements of our mental activity.

  • Play Time. When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, we help make new connections in the brain. Play time has the ability to enhance our capacity to innovate, adapt, and master changing circumstances.

Share your mindfulness and mental health tips! 

From meditation to spending time outdoors, we all have things that help us clear our mind and recharge. We want to hear what works for you – tell us on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #WellnessWednesday.