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Mar 25 2020

Maintaining our health and wellness

Posted by TC Energy


Times are changing. And now more than ever, many of us are feeling increased levels of stress and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of this temporary, but new reality.

Change is hard – we get it. Especially when words like ‘virus’ and ‘global pandemic’ are involved.

During these uncertain times, it’s important that you check in with yourself to assess how you’re doing in terms of your mental health, work/life balance and other external factors that could impact your overall well-being.

Five ways to maintain your health and wellness

To help us navigate these challenging times, here are some helpful reminders:

  1. Maintain a normal routine. Stick to your normal daily schedule – when you work, take lunch, take breaks, when you exercise, etc. This can lead to increased resiliency and decreased stress.

  2. Practice Self Care. Self-care is an essential part of our mental and physical health. Prioritize your sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and get some physical activity to positively boost your mental health.

  3. Stay connected to others and leverage support systems. If you’re struggling or having a hard time coping, try talking to someone you know and trust, perhaps a family member or friend. 

  4. Maintain a positive attitude. Stress is just a reaction to an event. You can control this reaction. Ask yourself – are there any potential benefits that can come out of this situation? Can we turn a challenge into an opportunity? If this is too difficult, try to think of things you are grateful for at this moment – your health, your family, having access to clean water and enough food.

  5. Keep it all in perspective. Social media and news outlets can amplify misinformation. Do not trigger anxiety by immersing yourself in sensationalized media coverage. Keep in mind that there's a concerted global effort to try and contain this virus, and there are many webpages that are updating their websites and FAQ’s as things change. CDC, Government of Canada, Government of Mexico and WHO are all great resources.


Share your wellness tips!

This is just the tip of the iceberg on ways to maintain your health and wellness! We’re all in this together and we want to hear your tips on what works for you – use the hashtag #WellnessWednesday on social media and tag us.