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Sep 3 2019

Intern experiences hands-on learning in the field

Posted by TC Energy

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In August, Avery Foret wrapped up the final weeks of her 16-month field engineering internship in Crossfield, AB. Now, she is back on campus at the University of Calgary to complete her mechanical engineering degree with a new perspective on the ‘real-world’ application of her studies.

Hands-on learning in the field

When Avery drove to Crossfield, AB for the first time last May, she knew she was taking a big step out of her comfort zone. “When I saw the job posting for a Field Engineering Intern, it seemed daunting, but my goal was to broaden my knowledge and the idea of an immersed, technical experience was exciting – so I applied,” she says. Now over a year later, Avery has no regrets. She was warmly welcomed by a collaborative and dedicated team, ready to put her to work on some big projects.

In the field, Avery provided engineering support for operations and maintenance projects in our gas storage and cogeneration facilities. The work she completed made a real impact. “I oversaw project executions and shadowed engineers, technicians and mechanics. I have contributed to a diverse set of projects, from improving and maintaining equipment integrity to eliminating health and safety risks within TC Energy’s plants,” says Avery.

A new perspective

Throughout her internship, Avery saw first-hand how her university course work translates into real-world projects and operations. “As a student, my education has provided me with a foundation of knowledge, but the ability to actively participate in engineering field work and learn from experts has been invaluable,” she says.

In just a year, Avery has grown a lot – both professionally and personally. “I have developed technical skills, learned how to ask the right questions and built the confidence to speak up and jump-in on new opportunities.” She credits her successful work term to a great team of mentors, who were eager to share their knowledge and supported her every step of the way.

Making a difference

Avery always wanted to work in the energy industry. “As a born and raised Albertan, I recognize the important role that the industry plays in people’s everyday lives,” she shares. “My experience as an intern with TC Energy has only reaffirmed my interest in pursuing a career in energy – and was a great way to start my engineering career.”

Avery is ready to take her new perspective back to the classroom and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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