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Hydrogen Solutions

Customers drive TC Energy’s hydrogen initiatives

As a successful power and energy leader, the company is developing hydrogen production hubs for long-haul transportation, power generation, large industrials and heating customers, allowing them to meet their decarbonization objectives.

We are a leader across the hydrogen value chain

TC Energy is uniquely — and literally — positioned where molecules meet electrons to fuel and power the future.

We are a leader across the hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen is an energy carrier that provides an emissions-free fuel source

When it comes to hydrogen, our goal is to help customers achieve sustainability goals via diverse feedstocks and new technologies to produce hydrogen from renewable power (electrolysis), renewable natural gas derived from biomass (methane-sourced hydrogen), and natural gas coupled with carbon capture. Hydrogen is used as fuel and feedstock for large industrials such as steel and fertilizers. Compressed and liquefied hydrogen can be used to fuel trucks and planes where traditional batteries have limitations. Hydrogen may also be blended in natural gas systems for use in power generation and home heating.

Types of hydrogen

Green hydrogen icon

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is generated either from renewable power, by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen (electrolysis), or from renewable natural gas (reforming process).

Blue hydrogen icon

Blue hydrogen

Natural gas is reacted in a chemical plant to separate hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The CO2 generated during this process is captured and sequestered, lowering the emissions to meet clean-energy standards.

Planning for safe hydrogen production

Hydrogen is non-toxic and one of the most abundant elements on Earth. As the production system is designed, assessments will be completed to account for optimal safe transport. With experience in highly regulated industries, such as pipelines and nuclear power production, TC Energy expects to lead by developing appropriate technical and operational knowledge. Commitments to first responder training, center for hydrogen safety, knowledge transfer among peers, public engagement and a measured pace of development scaling are all paramount in the pre-development phase.

TC Energy has an excellent track record of safe, sustainable operation of facilities and equipment that handle hazardous materials and stored energy. Producing hydrogen has many similar inherent handling and management needs as other materials, with some specific considerations. Hydrogen is used daily and safely in refineries and fertilizer plants across North America.

Sites and facilities

TC Energy’s proposed network of sites and facilities represents the first commercial-scale hydrogen-based ecosystem to catalyze rapid transition to a clean energy economy in North America.

Hydrogen production hubs

The plan is for hydrogen production hubs to be strategically placed along large industrial demand centers .

How hydrogen reduces long-haul emissions

Helping customers achieve their decarbonization goals

Electrolysis icon

Green hydrogen: Produced from renewable power using electrolysis.

Methane-sourced hydrogen icon

Green hydrogen: Produced from biomass-derived renewable natural gas (methane-sourced).

Carbon capture icon

Blue hydrogen: Produced from natural gas with carbon capture.

How can our customers use hydrogen fuel and decarbonize their operations?

Gas pump icon

It can be used in place of various industrial fuels and chemical feedstocks.

Plane icon

Compressed and liquefied hydrogen can fuel trucks and planes where traditional batteries have limitations.

Natural gas icon

It can be blended in natural gas systems, including fired heaters/generators.


Our current Hydrogen Solutions

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Hydrogen — Hyzon Agreement

TC Energy and Hyzon have executed an agreement to explore joint co-developing hydrogen hubs in the U.S. and Canada.


Hydrogen — Nikola Agreement

TC Energy and Nikola have executed a joint development to explore co-developing large-scale clean hydrogen hubs in the U.S. and Canada.


Prairie Horizon Energy Solutions

Prairie Horizon Energy Solutions, a collaboration between TC Energy and Marathon Petroleum Corporation, is a proposed clean energy project and is in an early stage of development.


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