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What matters to you, matters to us

TC Energy - Build Strong 

We value the communities we operate in, and work hard to build trust.

We’re committed to listening to people and understanding what support means most to them. This is part of our culture, because we know that investing in the vitality of communities allows us to build a stronger future together.

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Breakfast Club

Nourishing children’s potential

TC Energy's partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada continues this Fall.

What is the key to a productive, active and positive day? Why, a healthy breakfast of course!

TC Energy has partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada since 2014 to help provide students across Canada with nutritional meals to help fuel their days and energize their minds.



Empowering our workforce.

Through Empower, TC Energy’s workforce giving and volunteering program, we support and encourage our people to give back to their communities in ways that resonate with them personally.

Together, we are making a difference. The Empower program has been a driving force for positive change in the lives of our people and the communities they serve since 2013. Each year we see our people’s generosity continue to grow. In 2019, our people helped to contribute more than $3.19 million to over 4,680 causes.


Apply for funding

Help build strong communities in your area. Apply for funding under our community focus area if your organization aligns with one of the following categories:

Local events: we support local cultural events and celebrations that bring people together

Support services: we invest in organizations that offer social service programs that have been identified as high priority by the community

Civic investments: we invest in organizations that offer infrastructure development that will positively impact many residents and address an identified social need

Recreation and youth: we invest in organizations that offer leadership programs to develop youth



volunteer hours logged in 2019

$28.3 million

contributed to over 2,500 different initiatives and scholarships in 2019

$3.19 million

in employee and matched company donations in 2019

$2.3 million

worth of scholarships awarded to 950 students in 300+ communities in 2019