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Employment Verification

Are you a third party, current or former TC Energy employee looking to verify employment? This page is designed to help you determine which type of employment verification you require and how to request or automatically generate the verification you need.

Third party information requests

TC Energy can provide verbal and written employment verification for current and former employees.

Third parties must submit:

  • An employment verification request via fax or email
    • Forms must be attachments or links that do not require the creation of a user ID or account sign in

  • A signed consent letter or release form from the current or former TC Energy employee, allowing confirmation of current or previous employment
    • A wet signature, including date of signature, or DocuSign electronic release from the employee is required (DocuSign is the only form of electronic release accepted)

Submit verification requests to the TC Energy HR Services team by:

      hr_services@tcenergy.com or

403-920-2378 (Secure fax)

Requests will be processed in two to five business days.

Drug and alcohol testing (DOT) verification:
Follow the process as outlined in the Third Party Information Request section. Requests for DOT verification may require additional processing time.

Letter of employment

Current employee

As a current employee, you may be required to provide an employment verification letter to a financial institution or third party – in situations like buying or renting a new home or applying for credit.

You can auto-generate a standard employment verification letter through SAP, Business Central. This self-serve letter will provide a third party with information regarding your current employment with TC Energy.

This standard letter contains the following information:

  • Position
  • Position location
  • Employment dates
  • Salary (optional)

Only current, active roles can be confirmed through this process. 

To generate a verification letter, follow instructions outlined in HR ServiceNow – How to generate an employment verification letter. 

Former employee

If you are not an active TC Energy employee and require a letter of employment, please email a detailed request along with your contact information (phone number required) to hr_services@tcenergy.com.



Please email hr_services@tcenergy.com or call the TC Energy HR InfoLine at 1-877-669-8111.