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The payments and schedule for dividends on TC Energy's common shares follows below. Dividends are paid in Canadian dollars, and are payable as and when declared by the Board of Directors. 

Dividends chart Q4, 2023

*Annualized based on second quarter declaration of $0.96 per share. CAGR is compound average annual growth rate.

* Future dates are tentative — for informational purposes only

**Toronto Stock Exchange date
Note: On May 15, 2003, TC Energy (then TransCanada Corporation) received regulatory approval to establish it as the parent company of TransCanada PipeLines Limited. For further information on the arrangement, see the TC Energy Corporation FAQ's.


Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan

Allows registered common and preferred shareholders to reinvest their cash dividends in additional common shares of TC Energy. Participants are not required to pay brokerage commissions or administrative fees.

Commencing with the dividends declared on July 27, 2023, common shares purchased with reinvested cash dividends under TC Energy’s Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan (DRP) will no longer be satisfied with shares issued from treasury at a discount but rather will be acquired on the Toronto Stock Exchange at 100 per cent of the weighted average purchase price. The DRP is available for dividends payable on TC Energy’s common and preferred shares.

Full investment of all funds is possible since fractional shares are also credited to the participant’s account. Statements of Account are mailed to participants each quarter detailing the investments made on their behalf.

Optional cash payments

Participants in the plan may make optional cash payments of up to $10,000 per quarter to purchase additional common shares.

Optional cash payments may be made at any time, but payments must be received by our Plan Agent, Computershare Investor Services, Inc. at least three business days prior to the dividend payment dates which are generally the last business day of each of January, April, July and October.

Optional cash payments can be made through the authorization/enrollment form (below).

How to enroll

Beneficial shareholders may be able to enroll through their brokerage firm and should contact their broker. Registered shareholders are required to complete the authorization/enrollment form (below).

Plan brochure
Canadian Investors (51 KB, PDF)
Canadian Investors, French (59 KB, PDF)
US investors (59 KB, PDF)
Authorization/Enrollment form
English (56 KB, PDF)
French (49 KB, PDF)