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our Planet.

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Climate change is one of the most pressing societal issues of our time and requires credible and concrete actions by everyone—corporations, governments and individuals—to see real and positive change toward meeting society’s net zero goal by 2050. Meaningful, measurable and achievable reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a critical component of these actions and we have a substantive role to play and real value to contribute. As we undertake the challenge before us, we remain committed to our long-standing principles of environmental stewardship, protection and performance.

In 2020

$1.05 Million

Invested through our community giving programs to support 71 environmental projects that protect, enhance and restore North America’s biodiversity and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Our people were involved in more than

140 Projects

focusing on innovation to improve pipeline safety and reliability and to enhance our operational and environmental performance.

We are partnering with the State of Chihuahua’s government on a

$4.1 Million

project to help make clean drinking water a reality for 2,450 Indigenous families in Mexico living near our Topolobampo natural gas pipeline.

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Embracing the energy transition

To contribute to global efforts to reduce climate change, including establishing GHG emission reduction targets.

Reduce GHG emissions intensity from our operations.

30% by 2030

Position to achieve zero emissions from our operations on a net basis.

Net zero by 2050

1 For planning purposes, our progress will be measured relative to a 2019 base year.

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Leaving the environment as we found it

To leave the environment where we work in a condition equal to, or better than, we found it; including biodiversity and land capability.

Restore or offset disturbances to sensitive habitat resulting from construction and operation of our North American assets.

100% restoration2

Invest in activities that restore biodiversity and reduce the impacts of climate change.

$1.2 million spend, per year, to support environmentally focused Community and Workforce Giving partnerships through 2022

2 Restoration activities are multi-year efforts with end-of-activity targets rather than annual targets. Further information is provided in our 2021 ESG Data Sheet, page 27.

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Zero is Real

SDGs:3 813
To achieve our Zero is real safety commitment.

Maintain our dedication to zero harm, loss and incidents by improving personal and process safety performance.

Zero significant process safety incidents3

Total Recordable Case Rate (TRCR): 0.25 (employee) / 0.59 (contractor) in 2021

3 Significant process safety incidents are defined by TC Energy as unplanned or uncontrolled spills or releases that result in major consequences to people or the environment. They are a subset of Tier 1 process safety incidents. In evaluating the severity of the incident, we also consider the potential risk of legal, financial or reputational impacts to our company.

Founder of Water Movement

As founder of Water Movement, TC Energy employee Bita Malekian is a 2021 national honouree in the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth program and has been named a 2021 Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation. Soon after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in 2018 and starting work at TC Energy as an engineer-in-training, Bita founded Water Movement, an Engineers Without Borders venture. In Canada, there are currently 39 Indigenous communities still under a boil water advisory. Driven by the belief that everyone has the right to access clean drinking water, Water Movement’s mission is to tackle barriers to clean water by providing an online interactive space where Indigenous water operators can connect, ask questions, share lessons learned and access a free video learning library.

2021 Report on Sustainability

In this report, we highlight TC Energy’s sustainability approach and recent accomplishments. It is intended for general audiences and contains links to the TC Energy website for additional information and stories. This publication is one element of our sustainability reporting. More information and data, including content that is aligned with global reporting standards, can be found in the documents listed below.

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