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Protecting Our Planet

The need for energy is essential to our daily lives, and so too is the need to address climate change. To effectively tackle the climate change issue, the world must find new and innovative ways to reduce global emissions while still ensuring we have the necessary energy we all need.

TC Energy supports the goals of the Paris Agreement, and we believe there are substantial opportunities for our company in the shift to a low-carbon future. As we undertake the challenge before us, we remain committed to our long-standing principles of environmental stewardship, protection and performance.

Toward net zero

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We recognize that many companies inside and outside our industry are setting GHG reduction targets, including net zero GHG emission pledges. While we haven’t set such a target yet, this doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate the importance of climate change.

We are a company that takes making commitments seriously. We are working internally to understand what our path to net zero could look like. We want to make sure any pledge we make is credible and realistic, with measures to ensure accountability to our stakeholders. Stay tuned for more information in 2021.

We’ve been managing, tracking and optimizing the emissions generated by our own facilities and assets for decades. Natural gas consists primarily of methane, a potent GHG, so managing these releases is a top priority, particularly fugitive emissions that occur during routine operations and maintenance. To this end, TC Energy is a signatory to the UN’s Methane Guiding Principles and we have committed to hosting a best-in-class methane emission reduction workshop with industry peers in 2021.

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  Sheldon Good and Jerry Castillo

Tackling climate change

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Billions of dollars of new investment will be required in the world’s shift to lower GHG emission energy. As part of our contribution, TC Energy is investing in several renewable energy and GHG reduction projects.

• In 2020, we signed an eight-year power purchase agreement with Perimeter Solar Inc. for 74 MW of zero-emission capacity, providing enough electricity to power 39,000 homes annually.

• As a partner in the Canyon Creek Hydro Pump Project in Alberta, we’re planning a pumped hydro energy storage facility with initial generation capacity of 75 MW that will use existing infrastructure from a decommissioned open pit coal mine.

• We’re helping bring renewable natural gas, produced from cow manure, to consumers in California through our investment in Threemile Canyon Farms in Oregon.

Leaving the environment as we found it

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How we interact with the environment is as important to our communities as it is to us. Guided by our Environmental Principles, we see it as our responsibility to conserve and protect the land and ecosystems throughout the life of our projects and beyond. We do so in partnership with 75 conservation organizations across North America.