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Our Approach

Sustainability at TC Energy means meeting today’s energy needs, while safely, reliably and economically finding responsible solutions for our energy future.

This is not something new to us; rather, it’s a continuous evolution of our principled approach to creating enduring economic and societal value, while protecting the planet.

Our Commitments


image086vi.pngTo further integrate sustainability into our strategy, management decision-making and performance tracking and assessment


image2t1w4.pngTo strengthen local community, Indigenous group and employee resilience, including in recovery and moving forward from COVID-19

To maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with our landowners

imagehqil.pngTo contribute to global efforts to reduce climate change, including setting GHG emission reduction targets


imageas82.pngTo embed a culture of inclusion across our organization and ensure the diversity of employees reflects the communities in which we live and work

To enhance energy sector sustainability through research and development (R&D) and innovation investments

To leave the environment where we work in a condition equal to, or better than, we found it; including biodiversity and land capability

To become a partner of choice for Indigenous groups

To achieve our zero is real safety commitment

image1szad.pngTo demonstrate in words and actions the dual importance of physical and psychological safety



TC Energy is one of North America’s largest energy providers with a strong balance sheet and long history of strategically responding to policy and economic changes. We are well positioned to provide the necessary energy, in various forms, to support growing global demand.

Historical Data

Historical Data