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Empowering People

No one is left behind in a truly sustainable society. By living our values everywhere we operate, we help the people most significantly affected by our activities – our employees, neighbours, Indigenous groups and landowners – thrive, which in turn strengthens our long-term prosperity and the prosperity of local communities.

We believe our mutual success is anchored in relationships based on trust and respect, and we work hard to nurture them. It’s only through collaboration and open communication that we can effectively navigate the challenges we each face and advance the positive social change we desire.

Focus on mental health

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We recently made an intentional shift to emphasize the importance of both physical safety and mental wellbeing in our workplace, and have rolled out a series of initiatives aimed at increasing mental well-being awareness and reducing stigma. For example, during the pandemic, we introduced #WellnessWednesday tips for addressing and managing mental health challenges.

Our mental wellbeing targets

  • Increase mental wellbeing awareness through employee training sessions and an inaugural mental health week
  • Commence appropriate implementation of a Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace plan

Podcast.svg   Podcast: Women Lead Here
  with Wendy West

Zero is real

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Safety is our number one value and “zero is real” – in other words, we believe all incidents are preventable. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, contractor partners and the public. As part of our see something, say something approach, everyone at TC Energy is expected to address concerns or stop potentially unsafe work situations, and to look out for one another at all times.


Supporting inclusion and diversity

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Inclusion and diversity are ingrained in our core values. As individuals and as an organization, we all have the responsibility to create a safer and more equitable future, recognizing and calling out our own biases and working to combat the injustices that continue to exist in our society.

Terri steeves: an inclusive leader with a passion for people

Focus on landowner relationships

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Building and maintaining relationships with landowners is critical to our success. Our guiding principles are aligned with our stakeholder engagement commitment statement and rooted in our core values of safety, responsibility, collaboration and integrity.

As an energy infrastructure company with operations in three countries, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with landowners. We are guests on our landowners’ property, so they should expect to be treated in a way that lives up to our guiding principles of landowner engagement.

Put into service in 2018, the Sundre Crossover pipeline project connected natural gas supplies from Mountain View County, Alberta to the U.S. Pacific Northwest and California. The project generated more than $4 million in economic benefits to the town of Sundre and surrounding areas.

The project also established relationships with several new landowners, including Sandy Rock and her family. Hear what Sandy had to say...

Partnering for reconciliation

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TC Energy recognizes Indigenous groups as rightsholders with a distinct relationship to the land. We also appreciate the unique position of Indigenous groups in Canada and the U.S. as self-governing entities of the people who were the original inhabitants of these lands. The footprint of our assets is multi-generational and touches more than 200 Indigenous groups across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. We are uniquely positioned to be a leader in reconciliation efforts and help progress positive economic and social change among these groups.

We have created an initial reconciliation framework that includes a practical plan of action with tangible, measurable goals on how we will contribute to reconciliation with Indigenous groups, both internally and in the communities where we operate. We plan to release our Reconciliation Action Plan in the coming months, providing accountability and transparency on our reconciliation commitments.

Building Indigenous cultural awareness among our employees and contractors is equally important to us. We partner with Indigenous groups by supporting educational opportunities and workforce readiness programs aimed at building skills and capacity required to access employment and further education. In total, we invested more than $7 million with over 500 Indigenous partners and students in North America through the TC Energy Scholarships and Build Strong community investment programs in 2019. Learn more about our Indigenous efforts here.