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Jul 22 2021

Harnessing technology, innovation and collaboration to drive improved safety on our Liquids system

Posted by TC Energy

Liquids In-line Inspection Technology

Our liquids pipeline system is driving significant improvements to operational safety performance through technological innovation – putting our new value into action alongside safety.

Upping our game
After conducting a holistic review of our existing programs, tools and practices, the Liquids team discovered an opportunity to advance the capabilities of our in-line inspection (ILI) tools that measure the health of a pipeline, allowing us to identify and resolve potential imperfections and maintain pipeline integrity, always keeping community safety a priority.

In collaboration with NDT Global, we are enhancing the current Eclipse technology to achieve a next-generation, pipeline-inspection platform that can detect minute anomalies in the rarest pipeline scenarios.

Eclipse tool

Collaboration transforms
This new state-of-the-art technology advances our detection capabilities and thus, our safety performance. The introduction of Eclipse has contributed to Liquids’ safety achievement of zero high-impact incidents over the past 18 months! Our team is working hard every day to extend this success well into the future.

And not only is this technology transforming our detection practices, but that of the broader pipeline industry. 

Our ILI technology is just one example of how we continually strive towards reaching a zero-incident operating record. No safety incident will ever be acceptable to us. We believe that through a strong internal safety culture, industry-leading technology, a commitment to continuous improvement, and shared best practices and learnings across the industry, we will get there, together.