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Mar 19 2021

From Tesla to TC Energy – Harrison Hayworth is chasing innovation

Posted by TC Energy


A day in the life

A day in the life is a new series giving you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues and leaders better – giving you a snapshot into their life at work and beyond their regular work hours.

icon-person-200x200.jpgName: Harrison Hayworth
icon-globe-200x200.jpgLocation: Houston, TX
icon-people-200x200.jpgRole: Product Manager, Automation & Enablement

Harrison Hayworth is an avid believer in the mantra “you can do anything, but not everything”. After this soccer star sustained an injury that had her give up the game, she catapulted into a life she didn’t even dream of.

An Industrial and Systems Engineering graduate from Texas A&M University, she’s interned across the globe; from an Assistant Projects Manager in Dubai to an Industrial Engineer intern at Tesla, located in Nevada, she discovered her passion for finding creative and innovative solutions to creating a more sustainable future.

Harrison isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As a member of the USNG Innovation Committee, this inspiring world traveler pairs her solution-driven mind and innovative spirit to fuel her career at TC Energy. Harrison is playing the long game - “chess not checkers” - to ensure we don’t just solve today’s burning problems, but that these solutions will be in place for the next 30, 50, 100 years.


My typical week day…

Wake up and make the bed!

Every morning, Harrison wakes up and makes her bed. A non-negotiable that makes her start her day feeling accomplished.


Kick-off the workday

No two days are the same in Harrison’s world. “I start work by reviewing my morning check-list that I left for myself the night before to ensure I set myself up for a productive day.”


Record break

During her lunch, Harrison unwinds by listening to her extensive vinyl record collection in her bean bag chair. This helps her refocus so she can be energized for the afternoon.


Time to innovate

Harrison uses the afternoon to brainstorm innovative solutions with her team and to find ways to improve on processes. “We are doing high-impact work and raising questions to find sustainable solutions.”


Staying active

Staying COVID-19 safe, this former soccer player is always seeking new hobbies and activities to try like biking and rollerblading in the evenings.


Cooking during COVID-19

Living a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important, but not always easy. “I have been learning to cook. I am pretty bad at cooking, but that’s what makes it fun!”

Tonight’s dinner was Jambalaya in her handy crockpot.


Binging her favourite shows

After a long day, Harrison sets time aside to decompress and catch-up on her favourite shows, like the Good Doctor.


Reading and relaxing

Harrison always ensures she ends the day with a good book. Currently, she is turning the pages on The Alchemist. “Reading a quick chapter before bed helps me wind down for sleeping and to get ready for a new day!”