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Jan 19 2021

Buckeye XPress project enters service

Posted by TC Energy


TC Energy’s U.S. Natural Gas team rang in the new year on a high note, bringing into service our Buckeye XPress (BXP) project in southern Ohio.

The milestone comes just in time as winter weather permeates the U.S. Midwest and temperatures drop. BXP adds some 275 million cubic feet per day of abundant, regionally-produced, low-cost natural gas that will be used to heat and power homes and businesses for years to come.

“The in-service milestone demonstrates our commitment to delivering the energy Americans need, every day,” said Stanley Chapman III, TC Energy Executive Vice-President and President, U.S. and Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines. “BXP improves reliability along a critical natural gas supply route in southern Ohio and helped support local economies during a difficult year.

“I am proud of our team for completing this project safely and with stewardship for the environment,” Stan added.

Modernizing our Columbia Gas Transmission system for the future

BXP involved the replacement of some 66 miles of existing pipeline with safer, more reliable, 36-inch-diameter coated pipe, enhancing the sustainability of TC Energy’s infrastructure.

Keeping communities where we work—working

The project proceeded cautiously in a year beset by a global pandemic and an economic slowdown. We worked with our contractors to come up with a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan. We hired locally. We enlisted a few local restaurants and cafés to feed our crews. And we donated to food pantries and emergency medical services.

Collaborating to minimize impact and enhance restoration

We also made sure project work didn't disrupt the people and wildlife who call the lush, rolling hills of Appalachia home. Because southern Ohio is our home too.

Here’s to building toward a better 2021 and beyond alongside our friends and neighbors in Ohio, the Midwest, and the U.S. as a whole.


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