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May 7 2020

COVID-19: Protecting our people and providing an essential service

Posted by TC Energy

As global events surrounding COVID-19 continue to unfold, it is clear the health and economic impact on millions of people around the world will be significant and long term. It will continue to be a difficult and uncertain time for all of us.

While many of us remain isolated in our homes, we continue to be inspired by the efforts of healthcare workers, researchers and governments. We’re grateful for their vital work, protecting society, caring for those directly affected, and studying the virus to develop the tools needed to overcome this pandemic as quickly as possible.

At the same time, many others are hard at work making sure we have access to food, water, transportation, communications services and more. That includes our very own teams on the frontline who are physically present at our project and facilities work sites.”

On behalf of everyone at TC Energy, I’d like to express my appreciation for everything these dedicated people are doing to ensure the supply chains and delivery systems we all rely on continue to operate every day.”

Russ Girling
President and CEO

May 7, 2020

The coronavirus continues to impact our lives across the world in upsetting ways, and we are doing our part at TC Energy to help slow down the spread of the virus and rebuild the economy.

While the situation continues to evolve, one thing remains the same: our focus on safety. It starts with the health, safety and wellness of our workforce, their families and our communities as we continue to deliver much-needed energy to homes, hospitals and essential businesses across North America.


Thank you to all essential workers

There are heroes and dedicated people emerging each day in this pandemic, like our first responders, healthcare professionals worldwide and the many people ensuring our essential needs are met without interruption. We recognize your sacrifices and tremendous efforts to help the world run when it has seemingly stopped.

At TC Energy, many of us are working from home, but we have teams that remain physically at job sites to ensure all of us have the energy we rely on every day. To our incredible frontline team and all essential workers, we say thank you.

The state of our business

While we are living in unprecedented times, our people and our business have remained healthy and resilient. We continue to effectively operate our assets and execute on our capital programs, which are essential to delivering the energy people need across North America.

Coupled with record financial results, we continue to advance our industry-leading capital program of $43 billion, which is largely focused on enhancing critical North American natural gas infrastructure. Not only is this capital spending good for the economy, it will also improve North American and worldwide energy security, as well as improve standards of living and air quality, globally, for decades to come.

Doing our part during COVID-19

At TC Energy, we want to do our part to help, especially during these challenging times. To date, we’ve contributed over $2.6 million across North America to help provide critical support to the people, places and organizations impacted by COVID-19, including more than $480,000 contributed by our employees.

One of the things we are doing is leveraging our community investment program, Build Strong, to support those most vulnerable in the communities where we live, work and operate. Through our workforce giving and volunteering program, Empower, we have also encouraged our employees to give back to charities of their choice through monetary donations, with a company match at 200 per cent – this way we can be virtually supportive while being physically distant. And we’re not stopping there.

We want you to be part of our efforts to support COVID-19 relief efforts. To that end, TC Energy has launched the #BetterTogether campaign and is matching all donations made through the TC Energy Giving Portal by the public at 200% to a meet our goal of $500,000. With these donations, we will provide food to those struggling to make ends meet, support those on the frontlines and help organizations meet the immediate needs of their communities.

From our operations, our nuclear generation project Bruce Power is providing 1.2 million pieces of PPE to frontline workers in Ontario fighting against COVID-19, representing the largest announced private-sector donation of PPE in Canada to date.

Protecting our essential workers at project work sites

To support our role as an essential service for North Americans, many operators, technicians and project personnel remain physically at work to ensure our systems are running safely and our vital projects continue to progress. We continue to execute rigorous site-specific safety protocols to help protect our worksites and our essential personnel working there, which includes:

  • Social distancing practices where possible (staggering shifts to reduce group interactions);
  • When social distancing is not possible and working closely together is critical to the safe and reliable operation of our assets, strict protocols are in place, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), hand washing, sanitization of surfaces;
  • Training and communications program to support awareness, personal hygiene and fit-for-work/sick policies;
  • Recommendation of wearing face mask coverings when appropriate;
  • Continued use of PPE as part of our ongoing health and safety job site program;
  • Enhanced cleaning of facilities and personal hygiene practices, and
  • Increasing medical staff and medi-camps to support immediate healthcare for workers.

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COVID-19 Topics

We encourage open communication within teams to help employees stay connected, feel appreciated, and maintain mental wellness. Mental health is something we take seriously. We have been through a lot these last few months and for many, dealing with the stress and anxiety of the current situation has been a challenge. Check out our Wellness Wednesday tips to help cope in the time of COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, places like hospitals, grocery stores, factories and homes are relying on uninterrupted natural-gas and electricity to power lights and appliances. Across North America, the oil we transport is converted into the transportation fuel that supports the delivery of critical food and supplies to where they’re needed most.

One of our focus areas has been continuing the essential services that we provide daily across the continent. We have robust business continuity plans in place, specific to various sites and regions, as capabilities and the needs of the business vary. 

As we advance all our projects across Canada, the United States and Mexico, we are guided first and foremost by keeping our workforce and communities safe, and we will continue working with local healthcare authorities, other experts, unions and our contractors to implement all COVID-19 best practices and safety procedures.

As we construct our projects and operate our existing assets, we focus on the safety and wellbeing of our landowners and community partners, and actively address concerns about the safety of crews and community members.

We are working with Indigenous groups and landowners to continue to progress project engagement in a variety of ways while being physically apart. We’re continuing to reach out to Indigenous groups to understand how COVID-19 is affecting them, while being respectful of known constraints.

TC Energy’s Indigenous Relations teams proactively reached out to over 200 Indigenous communities across our Canada and U.S. footprint in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic to inquire into their well-being and let them know that TC Energy will provide support. We immediately provided financial support to communities based on their identified needs, such as food, medical supplies, transportation and medical services. We continue to engage to learn about evolving community needs and we intend to continue providing meaningful support to help respond to their identified needs.

Our leadership is reviewing principles on how we will assess when it’s safe and practical to return to our offices. We are monitoring health reports, government guidance and our employees’ health and wellness. We continue to be productive and deliver our services through our current model, and we don’t intend to take unnecessary risks to rush employees back into our offices.

This is no doubt a challenging time for our industry. The service we provide is often invisible, but the foundational role that we play in a functioning society has never been more pronounced.  

We couldn’t be prouder to deliver an essential and reliable service to people, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Despite near-term market uncertainty, our work is critical to North America’s economy, energy security and standard of living. Our people have proven our resiliency time and time again, and we remain well positioned to weather this pandemic.

March 30, 2020

COVID-19: Taking action to protect our people, continue operations and help our communities

Safety is our number one value, and our first concern is for all our employees, families and communities who may be affected by this situation. We extend our sincerest well-wishes to the families affected and recognize the tremendous efforts of first responders and healthcare professionals worldwide.

We’re doing our part to help protect society’s health and welfare, taking proactive steps to slow down the spread of the virus, and it starts with our own workforce. International experience shows that physical (“social”) distancing is the only effective method, and is in the best interests of our employees, their families and our communities.

As the situation continues to evolve, we are focused on maintaining business continuity, providing uninterrupted energy supply to customers and continuing to focus on the health and safety of our workforce, their families and our communities.

COVID-19 Topics

We thank all our employees who are working under challenging conditions, making sure we keep delivering the energy that people across North America depend on. We are taking precautions to keep our workforce, including our contract workforce and suppliers, safe, healthy and able to work:

  • We have sent our people in non-critical roles home to work remotely. However, we have personnel in our control centers and in the field, who play a critical and necessary role in operating and developing our energy infrastructure. We are so grateful for those who remain physically at work to deliver vital services to millions of people.

  • We have undertaken several precautions to keep all our people safe, including continuously encouraging the practice of social distancing, restricting access in our control centers to critical personnel only, and increased the focus on hygiene and deep cleaning our facilities. In our field and project locations, we are also actively changing and prioritizing work, reducing the number of personnel working together and adding more health screening.

  • Our contractors have been engaged to verify their safe work practices and apply all necessary protocols to support a safe and clean work environment for all.

Reliability of our service is critical, now more than ever. We have refined our project plans as guidelines evolve, and we’ve put our continuity plans into practice over the last two weeks.

TC Energy is confident our robust continuity and resumption plans will allow for the safe, reliable and uninterrupted delivery of natural gas. We regularly test and verify these capabilities internally.

One of our focus areas has been continuing the essential services that we provide daily across the continent. We are protecting the health of critical teams who maintain the safety of our facilities and continued reliable operations.

Business continuity plans are in place, specific to various sites and regions as capabilities and the needs of the business vary.
We are constantly monitoring the situation, taking guidance from our governments and health authorities, and we will act accordingly and communicate our plans as new information becomes available.

With strict controlled site access and proper hygiene protocols in place, together we are helping our workforce and local communities remain safe, and that our important work continues. 

Our culture has always been to listen to people and understanding what support means most to them. To that end, we’ve started by giving our workforce $25 to donate to a cause they care about through TC Energy’s giving and volunteering program Empower, and we are also matching monetary donations to non-profit organizations at 200%. This way, we are virtually supportive in our community while maintaining social distance. 

We recognize this is a challenging time for our industry. At the same time, we take great pride in delivering an essential and reliable service to people, whether during a crisis or in peacetime. As the industry has been challenged historically through oil price and economic volatility, we are confident TC Energy is well-positioned to not only see this through but come out strong on the other side.

We will continue to deliver safe results, serve our customers and live our values.

March 17, 5:00 p.m. MDT

COVID-19 is a global public health challenge that requires strong collaboration across industries, governments and service providers.

Safety is our number one value, and our first concern is for all the employees, families and communities who may be affected by this situation. We send our sincerest well-wishes to the families affected and recognize the tremendous efforts of first responders and health professionals worldwide.

We’re taking proactive steps to help slow down the spread of the virus. International experience shows that physical (“social”) distancing is the only effective method, and is in the best interests of our employees, their families and our communities.

We have closed our major metropolitan offices and employees in those locations are working remotely. We are now putting in place plans for all our employees, across North America, who are able to work remotely to do so.

During this time, we want to assure you that TC Energy is working to ensure the essential services that we provide daily. We are prepared to protect the health of critical teams who ensure the safety of our facilities and continued reliable operations. We will continue to deliver the energy that you rely on every day.

We continue to actively monitor the situation, taking guidance from our governments and health authorities, and will act accordingly as new information becomes available.