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Working with TC Energy

Contacting TC Energy representatives

Continue to use current contact information to connect with your TC Energy representatives. Phone numbers are not expected to change and changes to email addresses will be shared in a future email.


Continue to address invoices to the correct company legal entity that is requesting the goods or services. Like most large organizations, there are many legal entities that make up TC Energy’s business it is an important legal and tax requirement that the correct legal entity is invoiced.

The name change will not impact the contracting entities that are currently in place for agreements or Purchase Orders (PO). For any agreements that require updating, Supply Chain will coordinate these efforts to ensure there is no business disruption.

In the event your Company is unsure of the correct legal entity, please refer to the agreement, PO or confirm with the TC Energy representative requesting the goods or services. Failure to invoice the correct legal entity will result in rejection of the invoice.

The TC Energy trademark and  tc-insignia-40x40.png insignia

The TC Energy name, trademark and insignia are the property of TransCanada PipeLines Limited. Using the TC Energy name, trademark or insignia is not authorized unless permission has been granted explicitly via contractual agreement by TransCanada PipeLines Limited and the trademark(s) is/are used under license in compliance with TransCanada PipeLines Limited’s marketing guidelines.

All the goodwill derived from the use of the trademark(s) shall inure solely to the benefit of TransCanada PipeLines Limited and TransCanada PipeLines Limited reserves the right to revoke authorization at any time.

If you are using the TC Energy name, trademark or insignia related to an endorsement from TC Energy without a contractual agreement, please email supplier_management@transcanada.com. All TC Energy endorsements are subject to company approval for current and future use. Your request for a new trademark may be denied.

If you do have a contractual agreement to use the TC Energy name, trademark or insignia, please email supplier_management@transcanada.comwith your request for the TC Energy logo.

Policies and Procedures

All company policies, procedures and practices that reference the TransCanada name continue to be applicable and in full force and effect.

Sending information to TC Energy

Dropbox and Google Drive are no longer accessible at TC Energy. Information shared with your TC Energy representatives can only be received via email, through one of TC Energy’s SharePoint or Kiteworks sites, secured hard drive or an approved TC Energy application. If you have questions on sending information, please contact your TC Energy representative.


If you have questions and concerns related to the corporate TC Energy name change, please email: supplier_management@transcanada.com with ‘TC Energy rename’ in the subject line.