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Proposed TC Energy Pumped Storage Project

Project design

We are proposing a new design concept for the pumped storage project we are proposing to construct on the Meaford Tank Range. This new design responds to many of the concerns identified by the community, including protection of the environment, the local economy and way of life.

This project, one of the largest climate-change initiatives being developed in Canada, is truly state-of-the-art design, incorporating the latest and best technologies to produce an environmentally responsible energy solution for Ontario.

Buried powerhouse

Substantially reduced visible shoreline structures and imperceptible noise

The powerhouse will be located away from the shoreline and will be buried in a cavern. With the major components deep underground, noise output from the pumping and generating equipment during operations are expected to be imperceptible and the visibility of the project facilities from off the base, and particularly from the water, has been substantially reduced or eliminated.

Water intake/outfall

Tunneled deep water raised placement to avoid bottom-dwelling aquatic organisms and turbidity

The water intake/outfall will be placed away from the shoreline resulting in no shoreline or near shoreline structures and no visible in-water infrastructure. Tunnels installed beneath the lakebed will access deep water, avoiding sensitive near-shore fish habitat. The inlet/outlet structures will be raised off the lakebed to avoid bottom dwelling aquatic organisms and the potential to create turbidity.

Fixed-screen protection

Reduced water speed, further fish protection

Fixed screens will limit the speed of water withdrawn to further protect fish that may be present.

Pumped Storage Project conceptual design

Above-ground rendering

Above-ground rendering of the Proposed TC Energy Pumped Storage Project facility. Download high-resolution PDF.

Underground rendering

Underground rendering of the Proposed TC Energy Pumped Storage Project facility. Download high-resolution PDF.