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Instructions: How to participate in our 2023 virtual AGM

TC Energy will be holding its 2023 annual meeting via a virtual-only format, using a live webcast with video and audio available online:

The virtual meeting format will provide all shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders an equal opportunity to participate at the meeting regardless of their geographic location or particular constraints or circumstances they may be facing. It is also a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to engage with shareholders. At this virtual meeting, shareholders who attend online will have the opportunity to participate, ask questions and vote in real-time, provided they comply with the applicable procedures set out in the Management information circular.

For shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders, we continue to encourage voting and submitting questions in advance.

Additional information on how to access the online meeting can be found in the Q&A below, or in our 2023 Management information circular.

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