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What matters to you, matters to us

TC Energy - Build Strong

We are committed to protecting the environment. Not just because we have to, but because we want to.

We know that our natural resources and green spaces are precious. That's why Build Strong supports organizations that strengthen environmental stewardship through local and regional investments that care for our air, land, water and wildlife.

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Building strong, vibrant communities – one orchard at a time

Employees from TC Energy help plant nearly 30 fruit trees in the small community of Norway, Maine

“It’s about building strong communities and it’s about building for resilience. This is an effort that’s going to help make that all happen” said Richard Hodges, Founder and Project Manager at ReTreeUs.

ReTreeUS is a non-profit dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable, socially-just food system through education, practical resources and mentorship. They plant orchards in schools and community gardens to provide educational programs that empower people to be healthy environmental stewards.


Apply for funding

Help build strong habitats in your community. Apply for funding under our environment focus area if your organization aligns with one of the following categories:

Conservation organizations: we partner with organizations that protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk

Habitat restoration: we invest in organizations that aim to protect and restore important habitat for wildlife

Environmental stewardship: we invest in programs that provide opportunity for environmental stewardship

Environmental education: we invest in initiatives that educate the public about the importance of the environment and sustainable practices 



volunteer hours logged in 2019

$28.3 million

contributed to over 2,500 different initiatives and scholarships in 2019

$3.19 million

in employee and matched company donations in 2019

$2.3 million

worth of scholarships awarded to 950 students in 300+ communities in 2019