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What matters to you, matters to us

TC Energy - Build Strong

Building strong communities where we live, work and operate is important to all of us.

Whether it's partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives or encouraging our employees to get involved in local improvements, the goal is to build strong and vibrant communities across North America. Our Build Strong program provides valuable tools and resources to first responders, helps fund educational programs, supports important community needs and strengthens environmental stewardship and sustainability through local and regional investments.

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Building a strong future together

When we build something, we do it with the future in mind. Whether it's infrastructure to meet North America's energy needs or a lasting relationship with a community, we are there.

It's helped us become one of North American's leading energy infrastructure companies, and allows us to leave a legacy we can be proud of, wherever we build.

In 2019, we invested more than $28.3 million to over 2,500 different initiatives or scholarships across 1,040+ communities across North America.


London Benchmarking Group Canada (LBG)

TC Energy is a member of the London Benchmarking Group Canada (LBG). For a detailed breakdown of our community investment, employee giving and volunteering programs, view our LBG Canada Summary.

Nourishing children's potential

What is the key to a productive, active and positive day? Why, a healthy breakfast of course!

TC Energy has partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada since 2014 to help provide students across Canada with nutritional meals to help fuel their days and energize their minds.



Apply for funding

Make a positive impact in your community. Apply for funding and help meet your community's local needs and goals. We support local and regional organizations and projects near our operations that focus on:



volunteer hours logged in 2019

$28.3 million

contributed to over 2,500 different initiatives and scholarships in 2019

$3.19 million

in employee and matched company donations in 2019

$2.3 million

worth of scholarships awarded to 950 students in 300+ communities in 2019