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Experience the energy: Take the tour

Now you can take a tour of the oil and gas industry from the comfort of your desk! The PetroLMI division of Energy Safety Canada recently launched Experience the Energy: Take the Tour, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) tour of Canada’s oil and gas worksites.

Showcasing the careers, innovation and technologies that are transforming the energy industry, anyone can now “visit” multiple worksites in the energy industry – including conventional and automated drilling, SAGD, mining, process and natural gas and liquids pipelines. 

It is available for free through the Oculus Store for the Oculus Go VR headset. For anyone without a headset, 360 degree YouTube videos of each worksite are also available as seen below.

Get up close to multiple worksites and see what it’s like!

Conventional drilling


Automated drilling


Liquids pipeline


Natural gas pipeline


Processing plant




Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)