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View our media advisory for the latest information regarding the Government of Canada approval.

2021 NGTL System Expansion

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News updates

TC Energy received approval from the Government of Canada for its 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project and is awaiting the details of the updated conditions to be released. For more information on the approval, please visit the Natural Resources Canada website.

NGTL expects that this approval will allow it to immediately progress construction activities in accordance with regulatory requirements, with compressor station field work expected to begin in December 2020 and pipeline construction activities expected to start in January 2021.

For more information, please view our media advisory.

As a Governor in Council (GIC) decision has not been issued yet, construction did not begin in summer 2020 as originally planned and the critical winter construction season has been substantially reduced.

In anticipation of GIC approval, we continue to refine the project’s construction schedule and advance construction planning.

We remain committed to the project and continue to engage with the government to advocate the criticality of a timely approval to enable us to construct to provide the essential capacity required to serve incremental transportation contracts and meet the growing demand for natural gas sourced from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).

On May 19, 2020, we received notice that the Governor in Council (GIC) has extended the timeline by up to 150 days for a decision regarding the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the 2021 NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) Expansion Project. While this news is disappointing, we understand that the delay was associated with the government’s consultations being impacted by COVID-19. We are developing mitigation plans to reduce the impacts stemming from this delay. Depending when a decision is received, we will communicate the anticipated outcomes of this updated schedule once they are known.

For more information, please visit the Natural Resources Canada website.

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The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) is one of North America’s most prolific natural gas production basins and is of key importance to the Canadian economy.

Given the production of natural gas in Alberta and B.C., an important requirement for WCSB producers is getting their product into other markets. To be competitive, access to markets through well-positioned pipeline assets is critical.

Natural gas producers have asked us to increase natural gas transportation service on the NGTL System. To address this need, the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project will be constructed beginning in northwest Alberta and run along the west path of the NGTL System, from the northwest of Alberta southeast towards Rocky Mountain House.

In total, we will add approximately 344 kms (214 miles) of newly built 1200 mm (48-inch) pipe to the NGTL System.

The pipeline sections will start in the County of Grande Prairie, extending through the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16, Yellowhead County, and ending in Clearwater County. Multiple pipeline sections will run parallel to the existing system and connect and connect at multiple existing locations on the existing system.

In addition to the pipeline sections planned, NGTL will be constructing three 30-megawatt (MW) compressor station unit additions on the NGTL System at the existing Nordegg, Didsbury, and Beiseker Compressor Stations. These facilities are located in Clearwater County, Mountain View County, and Rockyview County, respectively.

In total, the Project will add multiple pipeline sections and compressor station unit additions to our existing assets in three key areas:

  • Grande Prairie West Area
  • Grande Prairie South Area
  • Edson South Area

On February 19, 2020, the CER issued a report recommending that the Governor in Council (GIC) approve the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project. The GIC directed the CER to issue an approval the Project on October 19, 2020, and the CER issued that approval (Certificate GC-129) on October 23, 2020. NGTL plans to immediately progress construction activities in accordance with regulatory requirements. Compressor station field work is planned to begin in December 2020 with mainline pipeline construction activities planned to commence in January 2021.

Once facilities are placed in service, the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project will provide 1.59 PJ/d (1.45 Bcf/d) of incremental system capacity underpinned by long-term receipt and delivery contracts, connecting incremental supply to growing intra-basin and export markets. In-service is expected through 2021, with all Project components expected to be completed by April 2022.

Virtual Open House

Normally we'd be hosting pre-construction open houses for the NGTL 2021 System Expansion Project in local communities throughout Alberta, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've gotten creative to make sure our stakeholders, landowners and Indigenous groups still have an opportunity to connect with us.

We invite you to visit the virtual open house to learn all about this critical project, view the interactive map and submit feedback or questions.

Project status and timelines


Q3 2017 Early engagement with Indigenous groups, landowners and stakeholders on certain project components
Q1 2018

Broad engagement on project study areas

Anticipated Section 52 Project Description filing to the National Energy board (NEB), now called the Canada Energy Regulator (CER)

Q2 2018 Regulatory filing to the NEB, followed by regulatory review process 
Q2 2020 Received regulatory approval to construct
Q4 2020 Begin construction pursuant to Section 58
Q1 2021

Construction activities anticipated to begin, pursuant to Section 58

Q2 2022

Anticipated in-service dates for all project components

Stakeholder engagement and consultation is ongoing throughout all phases of the project and into operations

Documents and maps

The pipeline additions will generally follow our existing NGTL pipeline corridors in western Alberta. The routes we’ve chosen would add multiple pipeline sections to our existing assets along our Grande Prairie Mainline and Edson Mainline pipeline assets. For a detailed view of the route, please visit our virtual open house.

Regulatory documents

How are we regulated?

The 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project is governed according to regulations outlined by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), which replaced the National Energy Board (NEB) on August 28, 2019. For more information about the CER web site.

Project Application

If you would like to view NGTL application submissions to the CER they can be accessed on the CER’s 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project website.

If you require assistance accessing the files, you can also contact our Provincial and Community Relations team at public_affairs_ca@tcenergy.com and we will assist you.

Plan, Profile and Book of Reference  (PPBoR)

NGTL will file the Plan, Profile, and Book of Reference (PPBoR) with the CER, which reflects engagement and feedback received to date on the detailed routing. All landowners affected by the Project will receive information on the PPBoR and have the opportunity to comment on the final route before it is approved by the CER.

For additional information, visit the CER website.


About the NGTL System

In Canada, we have a very large natural gas source known as the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in addition to smaller natural gas sources. The NGTL System is a 25,000-km (15,000-mile) pipeline system located primarily throughout Alberta and northeast British Columbia – where the WCSB is located – and connects with other pipeline systems to deliver gas across North America. According to the Canadian Gas Association, natural gas meets 35 per cent of Canada’s energy needs through heat and power.

Learn more about the NGTL System by visiting Explore Energy.

Regulatory contact


Canada Energy Regulator (CER)
Local 1-403-292-4800 1-403-292-5503
Toll-Free 1-800-899-1265 1-877-288-8803


Ways to reach us

TC Energy is committed to notifying affected landowners, towns, communities and local, state and federal governments and agencies involved in the project. If you have any questions about the project, please reach out to us via the contact information below.

Main Office

450 – 1 St. W
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 5H1


Emergency Response
Our commitment to the safety of our people, pipelines and facilities is unwavering, visit our Contact page for our complete list of emergency numbers.

Landowner Helpline
A key component in maintaining the integrity of our facilities is input from all stakeholders: Indigenous communities, landowners and governments. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.

Head Office
450 – 1 St. SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 5H1


Investor Relations
We welcome inquiries from analysts, shareholders and prospective shareholders at:
1-800-361-6522 Toll-free (North America)

Media Relations
TC Energy welcomes enquiries from media. Please direct questions to:
1-800-608-7859 Toll-free (North America)